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Posted on 03/30/2020 in Betting Tips

15 Most Accurate Football Prediction Sites

15  Most Accurate Football Prediction Sites

There is a massive difference between watching football and betting. The former is an exciting activity, whereas betting requires analytics and a proper reading of the game. For most betting enthusiasts, being a fan of a specific team is enough to prevent one from betting on the same. Emotion plays a huge part in sports, and a person might overlook the challenge and bet on their team, winning a losing battle. Luckily, bookmakers offer a lot of bets in football. 

Even with the many available bets, betting is not easy. However, there are experts ready to aid you in your betting journey by offering predictions. One has to be careful not to run into scammers who sell personal information for profit. Other sites keep asking for money even with inaccurate predictions until clients give up. As such, betting fanatics have to be very careful when choosing a prediction site.

How can I find the correct prediction site?

Tipsters not only offer valuable information regarding your bets but betting tips for the future. As such, finding the right site is like finding the perfect partner for growth. The best tipsters are the ones that have adequate research and continue to dig into teams and leagues. Most sites also double down as news websites; if the information they relay is inaccurate, chances are so are their bets. Reliability is critical in betting, especially with all the risk and money involved.

There are hundreds if not thousands of football prediction sites in the world at the moment. Social media plays a significant role in aiding their publicity. Do not trust any site you bump into based on aesthetics or their advertising budget. Always go for verified prediction websites. Most importantly, do not expect every bet to be flawless. Not a single prediction website has a 100% winning track record. 

While machines are sometimes involved, humans play a significant role in prediction websites. Chances of you winning bets will significantly increase with experts on your corner, but do not expect to win every bet. To validate a website you like, it is advisable to participate in online forums that gauge a site's authenticity. Most participants from such forums have experience with the item in the discussion. It is also important to verify your bet’s accuracy rates. 

Considering most football tipsters require cash for their services, it is essential to check on your investment’s performance levels. Why pay big bucks to a tipster with more wrong than the right predictions? While football prediction sites offer tips on how you can win bets, you could also use them with more knowledge of the same. Tipsters heavily rely on research, which is easy to obtain thanks to technology's boom lately.

Make a habit of looking at other leagues in your free time and know their best teams and players. Such information adds to your knowledge, which comes in handy when placing a bet. With the tips above in mind, you are now ready to select your ideal tipster(s). Here is a list of 15 of the best football prediction sites for your consideration.

  1. Betnumbers

Betnumbers is among the biggest online football tipping websites in the world. It has an extensive market that caters to millions of clients around the globe. Betnumbers offers tips on all sporting events on the platform, and notably, some of these services are free. A premium account will get you daily unlimited tips on Betnumbers. Betnumbers covers almost all football leagues ranging from the Premier League to La Liga, Serie A, Europa, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, and even some African leagues. 

The site also offers NFL tips and guarantees a 65% chance of winning every bet under their guidance. It is definitely worth a try. 

  1. Betensured

Just like the name suggests, this is one of the most reliable football prediction sites on the internet. Betensured not only gives you the best tips to win games but risk management strategies too. The latter is vital in preventing excessive or unwarranted use of funds. The tipster is available in a variety of counties, including Spain, Portugal, and England, to mention a few. While most of its predictions are football related, Betensured also offers tips on other sports events.

The site is easy to use and mobile-friendly, meaning you can place a bet anytime.

  • Predictz

Predictz is one of Betensured’s biggest competitors in the prediction business. It has a vast market and is revered by millions of punters globally. Based in England and Wales, Predictz offers tips and statistics on various footballing events throughout the world. The tipster covers almost all football leagues, including the English, Italian, German, and Spanish leagues. However, unlike its competitor, Predictz does not offer real-time scores or have a premium subscription plan. 

As such, all tips, predictions, and statistics are free. Its interface is also easy to use—big thumbs up to the developers for keeping out ads despite offering betting tips for free.

  • Bategy

Alex Kornilov founded Bategy in 2012. One of the most interesting facts about this tipster is the companies it keeps collaborating with to guarantee its growth. Bategy has mergers with CNNMoney, Sport1, Ras Media AG, The Wall Street Journal, and even ESPN; that enough is enough to verify the authenticity of the site. Bategy gives you betting predictions as well as outcome probability.

It also provides past data and uses algorithms to determine the most likely result for football matches. Bategy does not have free tips; clients are required to join the three-month or yearly subscription plans. 

  • ConfirmBets

ConfirmBets.com is almost similar to Betensured when it comes to their game analysis. It is one of the sites on our lists that conduct extensive research on the different ways you can win a bet. ConfirmBets offers over and under bets as well as 1×2, home and away, handicap, both teams’ score, and even combo predictions. Such a variety is vital for the curious punter who wants to be sure where they are putting their money before placing the bet. 

It has free odds too, but a premium version of the same is also available. ConfirmBets is available in Europe, America, Africa, and many other parts of the globe. 

  • Jambo Futaa

Jambo Futaa claims to offer free, detailed possible football game outcomes every day. It is one of the few sites on our list with warnings regarding what it offers and does not offer on its homepage. Some tipsters on our list also double down as bookies. However, Jambo Futaa only offers predictions and is not affiliated with any betting website. While they offer free odds, they also have basic, weekly, and monthly packages. 

All payments are made via M-Pesa with Jambo Futaa sending verification messages shortly after the transaction. The site also has a mobile app, making its use even more effortless to clients.

  • Statarea

If you are looking for a football prediction site that gives you all possible stats before a match, then Statarea is a perfect choice. The UK tipster is not as famous as most sites on our list, but it is verified. It recently renovated its site to make customer-experience better, but still offers a chance to use the older version of the site to its clients. Statarea is the perfect site for team information and bet tips for the meticulous punter. 

All info regarding players and expert reviews is also available. Statarea also has a live score section, which gives clients quick access to the results.

  • Amsterdam 1×2

Amsterdam 1×2 not only offers football predictions but advertises a variety of betting websites as well. While it is not advisable to pick any site as your preferred bookie, some of the sites advertised have decent odds. The site is available in multiple countries, including Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and many other countries around the world. The site claims to have knowledge of fixed matches, making it an easy money-making venture. 

The site also has different prices for the three varying predictions they make (single halftime/fulltime, double HT/FT, and correct score). Amsterdam currently accepts payment through cryptocurrency (Ethereum, Bitcoin, and the likes).

  • Zulubet

Zulubet is one of the most advertised football prediction sites on our list. However, all odds on the site are free. All you have to do is visit the website and look at the available predictions. Zulubet offers predictions from a variety of football leagues around the world. The site also has a language option where people from different countries can change the language to match their native tongue.

One limitation with Zulubet is a punter does not always get to choose the matches they wish to place their bets on; in most instances, the site picks its own games to predict.

  • Betpera

Betpera claims to have 99% accuracy on all its football bets. While this is highly unlikely, it places the site up there with the elite prediction websites known globally. Its interface is easy to use as well as the site itself; navigation is seamless. Most of the sections on the site are color-coded, making it easy to locate the section you seek.  

Betpera offers football predictions through three plans (free package, basic plan, and the master plan). It also accepts crypto payments as well as Western Union. The site has numerous online reviews from happy customers to back its ‘99% accurate predictions’ claim. 

  • League Lane

League Lane is not as popular as its counterparts on this list, but online reviews indicate the site is doing its job. Professionals run the site from different fields that come together for research and analysis. Such expertise is vital for a football prediction site, considering it helps generate the best possible outcomes with improved accuracy.

Unlike most sites on our list, League Lane customer service is only available via email or their social media pages. It also primarily focuses on the Premier League, limiting a punter's range of choices. However, most of its predictions are correct.

  • Fulltime Predict

If you are looking for a website that has no sign-up option or hefty payment plans, then you should consider Fulltime Predict. The website is not only simple to use but can also be accessed through a mobile device. The interface might be a little wanting, but the predictions are always easy to see. A lot can also be done regarding the ads that keep popping up; sometimes, it gets irritating.

All in all, Fulltime Predict guarantees predictions for daily matches for fulltime scores. With the data they display, you can also make another bet regarding scores at halftime or the player that is most likely to score. However, Fulltime Predict does not provide live score updates. 

  • Sporty Trader

Sporty Trader is a verified football prediction website with its headquarters in Lille, France. Founded in 2005, Sporty Trader has the experience required to analyze a match and provide the perfect prediction. The websites' reputation has also vastly grown over the past few years, and it currently offers its services in over seven different languages. The site has plenty of professionals working not only on football, but rugby, tennis, and basketball predictions as well.

Even better, the tipsters offer this information for free. Signing in does not require a fee as well. Sporty Trader is available as an app, too (download from Apple Store or Google Play Store).

  • Sport Verified

Sport Verified goes as far as conducting football analysis in a bid to ensure all its predictions are correct. The site carries out thorough research on all teams in various leagues and provides key information even before the team selection. Payment is easy on this site seeing they accept most modes of payment, though crypto payments are currently not available. 

The site has a free plan, which does not last for long, as well as a regular plan, a basic plan, and a premium plan.  All plans are yearly or monthly. 

  • Solopredict

Solopredict.com is a free football prediction website with weekly updates. The site has dedicated professionals who give out betting information for free. Solopredict has a minimum of six posts every week. This stat means you can try your luck almost every day with this website. However, just like most free websites on our list, one needs to tread carefully when using this site. 

Not that your information will be sold to the highest bidder, but out of respect for football betting. Sourcing for research to help aid in making a sober betting decision is not easy. As such, any site giving such information for free never truly earns the public’s respect. Nonetheless, you are guaranteed to get winning predictions from this site. 


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