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Posted by Betting Bonus & Offers on 07/27/2020

Horse Racing Betting Strategies | How to Bet on Horses

Betting on horse racing is a fun and interesting hobby. The excitement of the race and fervent betting among friends, provides an opportunity to make some cash, while having a lot of fun. Here are some of the best tips to win at horse racing. Getting Started  There are a few things you need to know before taking part in betting on horse racing.  Know The Jargon All sports have their own language and terminology, and horse racing is no different.

 The definitions below will get you used to talking about horse racing:  Bouncing back: noticing a horse that has previously done poorly but conditions have changed, giving this horse a good chance of winning at the next race.  Change in class: sometimes the trainer will move a horse into a different class. Entering a weak horse in a lower class is simply taking a chance, but a horse that has dropped into a lower class may be worth betting on.  Easy last time out winners: this describes horses with a streak of wins under the belt. These horses are a good place to start betting as they will likely win again.  Good rating figures: rating figures describes a horse’s personal best. A horse constantly beating his personal best record can continue to improve and be a good contender for the win.  

Race comments: this information is available before and after a race, providing invaluable insights. Comments which include the words “quickened” or “ran on well” describe horses which commentators consider as having a chance of winning.  The company - the race will include other horses and affect the chance of your horse winning. Horses described as “front running” are likely to win.  Understanding Horse Racing Surface Horses run differently on various surfaces and in certain conditions. Read up about the horse you plan on betting on to see if wins have taken place on a similar surface as the one being used in future.  

A dry course is called a “good to firm” or “firm” surface. Tops speeds will be achieved on dry courses, especially for horses that don’t pound to hard on the turf. A horse that comes down hard on the ground may prefer a softe, springy course.   Know The People Horse trainers and jockeys play a big role in the possibility of getting a winning run. A trainer that repeatedly trains horses to a win is likely to continue this streak in future, even with new horses.  Certain trainers may be good at specific tracks, so read up on these statistics to increase your chances of winning. At the same time, a trainer may decide to use one track each year to launch the career of an upcoming horse.  Jockeys are important in horse racing too. They are the driving force of the horse and may also have favorite tracks. An excellent jockey will often be paired with a strong horse, at the discretion of the trainer.  Winning Horse Racing Betting Strategies: A trainer who enters two horses into the same race can make it confusing for a person to decide on which horse to bet. The best way to choose a horse is to pick the one with the best jockey based on statistics. 

The stronger jockey will always be paired with the best horse.  Horse races are highly unpredictable and can easily lead to disappointment. You can bet on the race favorite but various factors can put the favorite horse off its game. Do sufficient research about each race, the course, participating horses, trainers and jockeys to determine which horse has the best chance of winning. The only way to make a wise decision is by doing the necessary research.  Just like people, a horse will also display signs of confidence. The confidence may be the thing that helps the horse to win the race. Watch the horse at the event to see reactions to people and other horses. A confident horse may be in good condition and have a calm demeanor. Anxious horses will waste their energy before the race.  

The first race you decide to bet on will be the one where you feel most anxious. Choose a smaller local race, where it is easy to compare all the statistics. It will give you a good idea of how the races work and get you ready to bet on larger races.  Best Way To Bet On Horse Racing: The key to winning horse racing is knowledge, not a favorite horse or trainer. Arm yourself with lots of information and make a researched bet; do not simply copy all the other betters. High value bets are often realized when you bet on an underdog backed by research.  

In essence, you may be betting against other people but the house will receive their cut of the money. You don’t need to see other people as your competition; rather, focus on unpopular choices, which may surprise the house. Being the only person to bet on a specific horse can give you the upper hand and see you leaving with a substantial profit.

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